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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

In the connected world, everything you ever say, WILL come back to haunt you!!!

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Today's headlines - Sidhu & AAP coming together - have an interesting aside. 

And I am not talking about the effect of the "union" on Punjab elections for 2017, where AAP was already a strong contender and  Sidhu has a strong background.

I am talking about how two similar(too verbose, too talkative) brands come together and the issues that they may face due to their "social media" engagements.

AAP has been using social media to reach out to the masses very effectively and so has Sidhu. Issue is that they specialize in mud-slinging too. And the fact that they were pitted against each other since the last two years did not help either.

On the one hand, we have AAP which has called Sidhu, "Farar", "absconder", and many similar names, and on the other, in Sidhu, we have a person who has been vehement in his fascination for the "dharnebaaz-dramebaaz" party and has ridiculed them often.

And unfortunately, despite AAP and Sidhu quickly deleting their "anti" each-other rants, most people are enjoying themselves at their expenses. The fun never stops on Twitter, with more and more people joining in the melee. It would also be a lot of fun watching what they say when they do come together!!!

  •  In an industry(politics) where there are no permanent friends and foes, a semblance of decorum will cause lesser embarrassments
  • Communication is important. Reach out to all "online", by all means but taking pot-shots at others as per convenience, is immensely avoidable
  •  Learn to share "relevant" stuff, lest the less than relevant stuff haunts you for-ever!
  • Whatever we may say or do is in the public domain today and it is imperative that we use the tools available to us sensibly and with a lot of caution.
  • Better to be safe than sorry!

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