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Friday, August 31, 2018

Importance of Content in Communication in the millennial era

The supremacy of Content in Communication is well established by now. For effective communication there has to be relevant content. So the real question should be “Relevant Content for Effective Communication”. Communication involves a Dialogue and for the dialogue to proceed the content has to be relevant otherwise the Communication becomes a Monologue.

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Nobody wants a Monologue. However in the present era with multitude of sources for content, it is a challenge to identify relevant Content. Most of us approach this problem by trying to identify the target audience and the content sources catering to the audience to create relevant content. However this has its own challenges. Multiple streams of the same content have to be created to target multiple audiences. Most of us fail in this challenge especially due to the fact that by the time we create the streams, the audience has lost interest or has moved on. This is because we are living in an era of instant news and gratification. The bombardment of information is so huge that somewhere the information givers have forgotten the capacity of the Downloads.

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My suggestion for nimble footed amongst us is to work with the content that we have, instead of churning out streams of content. Every bit if content is relevant to some audience somewhere. All we need to do is identify the relevant audience instead of creating relevant content. Once we upload our available content to the target group, based on the response, we can go ahead with the decision to create or not create further streams of content. In military parlance, I would call the Scud Missile approach whereas what we all are trying to do is undertaking a Carpet Bombing approach.

In today’s fast paced world, what is news now will not remain news in a few hours from now. So instead of chasing news cycles, we should be concentrating on creating something which is relevant to our own ecosystem.Relevance will automatically generate News and that too with credibility. Once the credibility of our content is established we can be sure that our content will always find relevance.