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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PR learnings in the era of Kejriwal/Jung conflict

From being a strong AAP supporter, to an embarrassed AAP supporter, to a "seriously irritated" AAP supporter, my journey over the past 2 years or so has been eventful, to say the least.

My learnings from the political situation that has developed:
  • Speak Sense or lose all credibility: The unending war has caused major major damage to the profile of the main players - A Lt. Governor has never been as badly ridiculed as Jung and a CM has never been called as big a "drame-baaj" like Kejriwal. These guys were very respected civil servants and social workers in their previous avatars and today anything that they say is taken with a saucer full of salt.
  • Stop Abusing:  You do not gain brownie points if you stoop to the adversary's levels... Their is a lot to be said about behaving like gentlemen that these people have proved that they are NOT! The cacophony is unbelievable.
  • Damage Control: Not all things will go your way always - Accepting defeat with grace will work wonders, but no, grace is an unknown entity here... They specialise in making a bad thing worse...

When we train corporates and even individuals in branding and communication, the core points of "let your work / actions speak more than your words", "never ever lose control", "Elucidate your points coherently" are some of the points we begin from. And we completely focus on creating the brand by showcasing the best that we have and not highlighting the worst of competition. 

All PR concepts come to nothing in today's political scenario. Never ever have we had such foolishness being promoted in the Capital as today and I think this will continue till the time both stop playing to the gallery and the media stops lapping up whatever they say/do! 

One can only hope that their respective media teams understand this and try to mend the situation, or else we will have no option but to use NOTA in the future elections!