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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Rookies of Mass Communication are more interested in Journalism

The much debated power of journalism has captivated the imagination of millions who aspire to be Barkha Dutt or Pranav roy. They aspire to be one amongst the top rated journalist this country has ever seen. They join famous schools and colleges to do several courses, in the hope that they will be a part of this glamorous career.

In India, journalism has reached the coveted heights where from PM to CM, everybody seems to oblige them in one way or the other. They are treated like celebrities wherever they go and they are seen as symbols of truth and justice. This very showcase of power and liberty inspires many to follow their footsteps.

As debated in the previous articles, I shall not comment on the quality of these institutions but I'd rather focus on why people are confused and choose other verticals like PR as the founding stone to fulfil their aspirations.

Most of the rookies I have interacted with, have no clue as to the kind of hard and tedious work and long hours that journalist has to put in to do an honest story.

They have hardly any information either on PR, Advertising, or Journalism. Their only comment on what they want to become say five year down the line is - a reputed journalist.

Journalism is the prize possession they would want to achieve, but if you ask them “How”, they have no clue whatsoever.

Alleged Colleges of Mass Communication should provide them with a clear roadmap as to how the education that they are getting, would enhance their chances to fulfil their aspirations. If they wish to become a Reporter/Journalist there should be clear roadmap of how they should achieve it.

But no one can deny the fact that today the focus is on glamour and power rather than on reporting and in one way or the other, Media is also responsible for creating this ecosystem.

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